The Change We Seek


Our children’s education is the best investment we can make. Every penny we spend on our children saves us millions of dollars in crime prevention, prisons, and healthcare down the road. That’s why we need to:

Invest in Success Our kids deserve to be prepared for professional success starting in the classroom. Successful students need dedicated teachers and experiential programs that put young people in work environments where classroom learning translates to real world experience. By getting high school students in local hospitals, law firms, and businesses, we can prepare them for the future, in college and at work.

Respect all Tracts The road to full employment must be open to all our children, not just those who take the route that leads to a corner office. Students who choose to work with a wrench rather than a pen are no less deserving of our attention and respect. To ensure that all of our children are valued, and each has a fair shot at a rewarding career, it’s time we reintroduce vocational tracts into our local public schools and prepare all our students for a bright, rewarding future.

Keep Education Local Schools are a part of our community. They not only house teachers and students, but serve as centerpieces of our civic life. Public meetings, voting, and the formation of a new generation all happen in our local schools. When we underfund our schools, we don’t just push families to move away or send their kids to private academies; we tear out the very heart of our own community. By fighting for our local schools, we can ensure excellence in our classrooms and knit children and their families into the fabric of our community.

Economic Empowerment

As a small business owner, I know how difficult it is to start a business. Being a self-employed leader in our community, I know that true economic empowerment doesn’t come from a corporation opening a plant; it comes from local people starting their own businesses. That’s why we need to encourage small business owners and help them grow, and we have a plan to make that happen:

Simplify and Streamline Opening your own business takes sacrifice and bravery. Keeping that business thriving takes patience and perseverance. Entrepreneurs go through enough without excessive paperwork, confusing guidelines and unnecessary costs. To help businesses open and grow right here in our community, we need to simplify business ownership and streamline the process for opening new local businesses.

Equalize Ownership The economic empowerment that comes from entrepreneurship can’t fully benefit our neighborhoods if half of our neighbors are left out of business ownership. My experience as a woman in businesses has shown me just how important it is for women to be empowered individuals and business owning community members. That’s why I founded a local organization to bring together women in businesses to share their experience and support each other.
As a delegate, I’ll continue leading the charge for women in business, advocating for the training and access to credit that all women need to be successful businesspeople.

Encourage Independence Supporting local people is an investment that always pays off. Massive credits for large corporations cost taxpayers a fortune and just don’t pay off in economic rewards to the community. By funding local startups and offering credits to the businesspeople in our own neighborhoods, we can grow the kinds of businesses that will employ our families and support our local communities.

Community Investment

Our community is more than a place for work and school. It’s where our lives take place. When we focus on our quality of life and opportunities for our children, we all benefit. It’s clear we need:

Youth Enrichment Our children aren’t just future employees in training. They are the next generation of athletes, professionals, and artists. Each has virtually unlimited potential, but our communities will never enjoy the benefits of our children’s energy and enthusiasm until we provide outlets where our youth can channel their passions positively. Sports teams, art workshops, and clubs must once again be central to our communities, so youth may have fun and structure, and parents can again have a connection to their children and to one another.

Community Service It’s no secret that our civic life is at a tipping point. Many citizens are only now engaging in their communities and our democracy for the first time. If we are to keep our county, our state, and our country strong, we need to engage our youngest citizens in the activities of community-building. Whether it’s opening new parks, caring for our elders, or tutoring young students, we must include our children and teens.

Youth Leadership Council Our teens and young adults don’t need us to tell them what’s going wrong in our communities. It’s an experience they live every day. What we need is a venue where our youngest community members can share their experience, express their concerns, and brainstorm on solutions for the greatest challenges we face. That’s what a Youth Leadership Council in our district would look like: a place where the concerns and ideas of our young citizens are heard, validated, and translated into action.

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